Ferrari ScreenSaver

Ferrari ScreenSaver

Somebody took the time to collect these jewels in a single screensaver
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This is only for ferrari car fans. Have you ever dreamed of driving some of these beautiful cars? Somebody took the time to collect these jewels in a single screensaver. Although they aren't professional photos (some of them were taken with the cars in movement, with daylight and too many other details, seems that they need a photoshop touch) you may recognize that the work comes from a fan and for fans. Just a little suggestions to the creator, people want to see the cars, slides are going by too fast. I want to see the cars more time, it doesn't matter if it takes 1 minute to pass to the next slide, I want to enjoy the view. Another suggestion, people do not want to see blurry photos. If a photo is blurry, well, it's a pity! But you ruin an entire piece of art putting that photo on the screensaver. An the last one, just mix the images, slide effects are annoying. Anyway, fans will be gracefully pleased with this master piece. I confess to spend more than an hour watching this at working hours, specially my favorite, a beautiful black F430 Spider. I hope you enjoy it.

Review summary


  • Amazing cars


  • Slides go by too fast
  • Some photos are blurry
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